Home Safety Check


Each year many Americans are injured in and around their homes. Unsafe conditions such as overloaded circuits and damaged insulation as well as the misuse of extension cords and electrical products create fire hazards and may result in electrocutions.

We are proud to offer each customer on a service call or estimate our Free 16 Point Home Safety Check Up.

This very helpful check up includes a visual, walk thru inspection to point out any obvious safety issues. (It does not include opening any boxes, panels, lights etc). We check items such as accessible kitchen,laundry, outdoor lighting, and other receptacles to make sure they are in safe operating condition, as well as properly protected with GFCI’s (ground fault circuit interrupters).

Our Home Safety Check Up is mainly targeted toward seeing home safety issues. We can then either write an estimate or repair those safety issues on the spot as an additional task to be billed.

It’s just another proactive process The Electric Company has in place to help protect our customers, their families and their safety.