LED Lighting Retrofit – Industrial


The Electric Company recently completed a energy efficient LED lighting retrofit at a large manufacturing facility in Reno, NV.   In all warehouse and office areas fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent lighting was retrofitted to lower wattage LED lamps and fixtures.  All total over 500 lamps & fixtures were replaced. A portion of the retrofit was eligible for rebates through NV Energy SureBet. The Electric Company estimates that this customer’s payback period is only approximately 2.5 years! This LED retrofit is estimated to save: 158,500 kWh of electricity yearly (approx $23,000) Which is equal to 109 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and is:

  • Equal to taking 23 passenger vehiclesoff the road.
  • Equal to removing 15 homes electricity usagefor one year.
  • The carbon sequestered by 89.6 acres of U.S. forestsin one year.

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